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Back Support on Sofas and Armchairs


BackShape is a subtle shape designed to work on firm seat backs like car and office seats. It can't help much on sofas  and armchairs, where

  • the bottom cushion is generally too long,

  • the sofa back is too upright to align with your back, and

  • the support sinks into the upholstery.  This may be more or less of a problem, for example it will sink in less on a firmly upholstered leather sofa.

For these reasons conventional upholstered furniture is very bad for backs, and should be seen as a key risk.

Generally sofas and armchairs are very difficult to alter to provide back support. However you can try using a sheet of plywood at an angle against the back, in order to shorten the cushion length, open out the hip angle, and provide a solid base for a back support. Then a BackShape may be effective for you, with a cushion under your neck and head.

A lot of leather sofas in today's market do not provide any back support. We may not know it, but there are things especially designed to ensure that our backs are properly taken care of. BackShape is an innovation that aims to provide support on your back. This is not very effective on sofas though, but it works perfectly on office seats and alike. The BackShape is an effective way to take care of your back without doing much effort.

If you find yourself sliding off, you can tip the sofa slightly by putting something under the front legs, or taking the castors off the back legs.


No back support on a sofa