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PeopleSize is available by download.  It is Tax Free now.

Prices  see below for currency conversion
Product Price* the current version is: 2.02 Buy by card and download...
Easy 2008 Easy 199 One installation of the original point-and-click anthropometry software, in its simplest form. Buy 1 copy>>
Pro2008 Professional 499 Extra power for more accuracy, when you are designing something of significant value. Includes name-able user groups and multi-dimension fit... Professional Features Buy 1 copy >>
ProPro2008 Professional, 2 copies 749 Two copies for the same site (1 download) Buy 2 copies >>
EasyPro2008 Professional upgrade from 2008 Easy 399   Upgrade 1 copy >>
multiple Multiple licences -50%
A second instance within the same site is discounted by 50%, a third and any subsequent instances are discounted by 75%. If your organisation has more than one site, each site is treated as a separate customer for pricing. Contact >>
schoolSchool Licence
(pupils up to 18)

A permanent site licence providing unlimited instances within the school premises. This product is very heavily discounted in recognition of the limited budgets available to many schools. Note that a 'school' means a children's school teaching up to age 18, for a School meaning a section of a University you need a Department Licence (see below). Buy School Easy >>

Buy School Pro >>
department University / College Department Licence 1999

A permanent site licence providing unlimited instances of the Professional version within a university or college department. This is a heavily discounted product aimed at teaching ergonomics and anthropometry in design. Buy >>

We are not registered for VAT so as far as we know PeopleSize is tax free everywhere in the world. 

Credit orders are welcome from registered organisations.  Orders from abroad should be priced in GBP.  Our invoice will be in GBP and payment must be in GBP with conversion and transfer costs paid.  We can supply a pro-forma invoice.  For our address/email to send your order, or if you have any questions, please visit the contact page.

Credit/debit cards generally charge only about 2.75% for currency conversion, sometimes less or even free, so a card is the most efficient way to buy.  Also then you have immediate delivery 24/7, of course, whatever your time zone.

60-day money-back Guarantee

If you are buying as an established registered organisation such as a company, partnership or school, with accounts filed, you can try PeopleSize without risk: for 60 days you have the option to send it back and have all your money refunded (including delivery). The offer applies to however many copies you buy.

The only conditions are that you must have paid (i.e. there is a budget and it is not a trial), not taken a significant benefit or made a false statement, and that we receive a letter signed by a Director (or Head of School) promising that no copies have been retained or released.  By Director we mean a member of the Board of Directors, so registered with the national authority and with legal responsibility for the organisation.

This allows you to try the program on your own computer and in your own time, before making a final commitment.