PeopleSize 2020 payment
Card Payment Form:
This secure form is for you to pay by card for a licence that does not have a menu price and direct download option.  The debit will be automatic for the amount you enter, then we will fill your order manually.  You will have your normal card protection of course, and will be emailed the matching receipt/licence, with the details you enter.
Your purchase, i.e. the type and number of licences you are paying for:
Total Amount (there is no tax)   GBP pounds sterling. If necessary your card company will convert to your currency automatically.

Section 1 : User & Buyer Details               these will appear in your receipt
Your Name Your name as the buyer (required)
User first name
The name of the person who will be the main user, or in charge of the licence.  The licence will be issued in this name. The software is not tied to this individual, it is to indicate a single instance.  Not being a site licence it cannot be a company or department name here.
Please use US/UK characters without accents.
User last name
Job title  
Street address  
Address (cont.)  
Country (Required)
Day Phone  
Your email
Required. Please enter carefully to make sure your receipt arrives. It will not be sold or released.
User email Email for software update notifications, if different

Section 2 : Payment Card Details

Name on Card:

Card Type: (we cannot process Electron)
Card No:  with or without spaces
Expiry Month/Year:  e.g. 0411 or 04/11
Card security number: end group of 3 digits on the signature strip, or on Amex a group of 4 numbers on the front.
Issue Number:
for debit cards.  Enter 0 if none shown.

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